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Our approach


Openness and sharing

We operate professionally and recognize support and collaboration as fundamental elements for achieving project goals.


Individual attention

We approach each person by valuing their essence, fully considering their pace, desires, and needs.


Relationship with animals

We address them as trusted friends upon whom we can always rely to build sincere and unconventional relationships during our activities.


Love for nature

Our work starts with a deep embrace of nature. A bond that is expressed in cohesion with the environment and the surrounding territory.

Discover who we are and what we can do together

Basic course for dog assistant and companion animals.

Have you participated in the introductory course on AAI? Would you like to become a dog assistant? By forming a close bond with him, you can acquire the skills to join the multidisciplinary team and engage in Animal-Assisted Interventions. Starting from March 9th, the basic course for dog assistant and companion animals organized by I’M Possible and partners ForModena Formazione, Ragliando si Impara ASD, and Azienda Agricola Villa Forni will begin.

I'm Possible formazione corso base coadiutore del cane
i'm Possible, qb quantobasta promozione sociale

QB QuantoBasta - Difference is made by care.

QB QuantoBasta is a social promotion project aimed at young people, adolescents, and adults with disabilities or vulnerabilities. Its purpose is to provide a path for growth, socialization, and learning of pre-work skills for the individuals directly involved in the activities, and to create an opportunity for the community to recognize the value of diversity. QB QuantoBasta bases its effectiveness on the concept of care and the benefits derived from contact with nature, then extending the proposed activities to cooking workshops and artistic ateliers.

Do you have any questions?

If you want to know more about our organization, if you’re a professional, or if you just have ideas and projects to share, feel free to write or call us!


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Meeting I’M Possible was, first and foremost, about meeting people. It was a way to shape our ideas.
What do we desire most at the moment? To go on another trek like the one we did last year.



It’s my first time engaging with this world. What can I say… the sounds, the smells, the warmth transmitted by the animals make me feel at home every time.

Thank you for the gentleness and the attention!