About us

Our values


We aim to be open and available, ready to provide answers and solutions tailored to every individual.


Animated by love for the essence of things, we strive to highlight the value of what truly matters


In full respect and listening to others, we humbly seek strategies to understand and overcome our limits.


We are committed in building relationships based on empathy and generosity, in harmony with animals and nature.

I'M Possible, chi siamo, il nostro logo

From where I'M Possible started

Our project

The Amateur Sports Association for Social Promotion I’M Possible, in collaboration with local organizations engaged in social activities, has become a supporter of the development of a multifunctional center that, through sports, recreational activities, and competitive events, achieves educational, rehabilitative, and integration goals.

I’M Possible, following an inclusive model, aims to provide opportunities for experiences of encounter, dialogue, and deep discovery by connecting humans, animals, and nature.

The association aims to be a shared and participatory reality, aiming to stimulate the development of constructive bonds between individuals and to encourage the general state of well-being that also arises from a correct relationship with animals and the natural environment.

The activities we organize are designed to embrace a wide audience, taking into account the expectations of children, teenagers, and young adults with disabilities on physical, psychological, and intellectual levels, while also paying attention to minors living in situations of hardship due to educational, economic, and ethical-moral poverty.

I’M Possible. A name not chosen by chance, because the goal of our Amateur Sports Association for Social Promotion is to demonstrate the possibility of breaking the personal, social, and cultural stigma that often stifles the capacity for expression, especially for people with disabilities.

I'M Possible ASD APS

Our mission

I’M Possible ASD APS, within a natural setting that will certainly contribute to the recovery of balance and serenity in relationships, aims to present itself with the idea of being considered as a place of knowledge and enrichment because it can nurture people’s inclusive capabilities and educate them about sensitivity and respect. Additionally, through the project, we intend to generate opportunities and solutions for the following aspects:

  • Sociality. We aim to formulate proposals for educational, therapeutic-rehabilitative, sports, and leisure activities designed to provide responses to an important need and desire such as socialization and interpersonal relationships;
  • Work. We carry out interventions within the work area by offering diversified projects in terms of objectives, purposes, timing, and locations;
  • School. We implement pathways that include school/territory alternation in order to develop individualized educational projects;
  • Disability. We develop personalized and innovative projects to enhance the expressive capabilities and potentials of the individual;
  • Youth. Coordinated and joint awareness activities will be proposed to the entire community, but especially to young generations, in order to ensure them opportunities for daily experience of the values inherent in caring for others.

Meet our team

chi siamo: Francesca

Graduated in Psychiatric Rehabilitation Techniques and Rehabilitative Sciences, I have always dreamed of combining my profession with my greatest passion: horses. I have decided to pursue a specialization path in Animal-Assisted Interventions, Equine Rehabilitation, Paralympic Equestrianism, and Integrated Sports, making my passion into a profession.

Chi siamo: Clemente

Lover of animals and outdoor adventures, I combine my commitment to the family farm with the desire to make this reality accessible to anyone who wants to experience new perspectives. I have embarked on a specific training path in Animal-Assisted Interventions and qualification as a FISE Technician for Carriage Driving and Integrated Sports.

Chi siamo: Sara

I have always belonged to the world of horses and I wish to complement my work as a Psychologist and Psychotherapist with a commitment towards others that involves the presence of this wonderful animal. Obtaining certifications in the field of Animal-Assisted Interventions has allowed me to create paths of assistance for children and teenagers with the help of horses and donkeys.

The importance of our animal friends

Knowing animals and building positive relationships with them is not only a way that can help people feel better and restore and increase weakened or interrupted social bonds. It is also an opportunity that, within a framework of total harmony, fosters the flourishing of seemingly unexpected dynamics. By triggering engaging emotional situations, animals evoke reactions of surprise, curiosity, and enthusiasm that predispose the individual to a general sense of openness and willingness to learn. As a social facilitator, furthermore, animals strengthen proactive attitudes that lead to action and promote the formation of empathetic behavior. As evidence of this, in a group experiencing the same situation, it is easy to notice among the participants an increase in reciprocity and interconnections.

Especially for children, animals are perfect friends to help them establish a communicative bridge between their inner world and the outer world, and their companionship can produce additional benefits of multifaceted significance. A child who lives in contact with a pet usually has a greater ability to consciously evaluate, use, and regulate their own and others’ emotions. By being responsible for another being, they also have the opportunity to increase their self-esteem and understand, through experience, aspects of the life cycle that are also part of human existence.

Our four-legged team



TPR, 16 years old, is in the prime of his life. Extremely intelligent, he stands out for his sensitivity and empathy: extraordinary is his ability to read and interpret situations and the people by his side. He has a mild and balanced character.

chi siamo: Lara
chi siamo: Apollo


Haflinger, 10 years old, is still growing. Solid and well-fed, he behaves like a herd leader. Truly lazy and subtly assertive in character, but once won over, he becomes the best ally; of dominant nature, he has a reasoning ability that allows him to tackle even the seemingly most difficult situations.


Esperia, 10 years old, with shiny black fur that reflects in the dark. Incredibly intelligent, she harmonizes with the person by her side, creating a sensational duo. Character: very quick, slightly sensitive, defensive at first contact but eager to meet new people.

chi siamo: Elettra
chi siamo, Leon


Leon is a 15-year-old Argentine horse and is the newcomer. A mountain lover, he has a truly gentle nature and in the face of new situations or possible danger, he is particularly thoughtful. A trait almost more akin to that of a donkey than a horse.


Also known as Ippolita, she is a 10-year-old KWPN (Koenigin Warmbloed Paard of Netherlands). Graceful and rhythmic, she always has her ears perked, searching for new sounds: she loves getting dirty and rolling in the mud, curious and sociable, attached to the carriage she moves proudly and majestically.

chi siamo: Epona
chi siamo: Enrica


Also nicknamed Erica, she is an 8-year-old Arabian. Nervy and spirited, she stretches her tapered muzzle in search of ever-new cuddles. Character: distrustful of those she doesn’t know, she weighs situations and people to understand if she can trust them; very fast and loyal, she listens to those by her side in a loyal manner.



The latest arrival, she immediately integrated well into the herd, becoming its reference point. Sweet and gentle, she faces new situations with calmness and balance. Her superpower is strength: if she doesn’t want to do something, her four legs plant firmly on the ground and hold her nailed down for hours!

Chi siamo: Lola


Playful and at times presumptuous, he’s the one in the herd who never manages to stay still; his favorite pastime is bothering his companions. How? Headbutts, shoves, chases, … If you see a donkey running when you arrive, it’s definitely him!


Stubborn and tenacious, she has a friendly and gentle nature. Lazy and very slow, she becomes lightning-fast if something scares her or if a gentle hand offers her a piece of carrot.

Chi siamo: Dory
Chi siamo: Zarina


Also known as Nina. She was the herd leader before Oliver arrived (then ousted by Lola). Her gaze observes everything around in a very profound way: if you are lucky enough, when you approach her, you may see your image reflected in her eyes in a very tender way.


Not to be confused with Nina (they look very similar; we challenge you to recognize them!), he is fearful and insecure, but becomes very brave when he is with his companions. Last year, he had a mishap: if you look carefully at the area where his tail originates, you will see his fur is a different length. What do you think might have happened to him?