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Sports and horseback riding are two dimensions that are very dear to us at I’m Possible. If the values that sports can promote undoubtedly hold great importance for the growth of every individual, all the more so, horseback riding, which can rely on the presence of an educational friend like the horse, allows for benefits in numerous areas not only physical. Thus, with horseback riding courses, these concepts find their perfect combination and create a course that is not just a simple course, for a sport that is not just a sport, but evolves into the pure expression of a true passion.

We organize sports and introduction to the equestrian world courses focusing on a completely innovative approach. Our method aims to offer learning of specific technical and practical skills, without neglecting the important dynamics of relationship and communication that arise from the close relationship with the horse and that can be transferred into everyday life. Therefore, learning from the animal and with the animal to be able to offer in everyday life and every time a better version of ourselves.

Horseback riding

Together we will discover how fantastic the world of horseback riding is and how many emotions this discipline can offer you. From management to riding, horses will have no more secrets.


Here's a truly exclusive proposal: carriage driving sport. A particular discipline and extremely rich in charm to look at the horse from another perspective.