Social Promotion

I’M Possible acknowledges the richness of diversity and is committed to promoting the appreciation of different perspectives, experiences, and talents, creating an inclusive environment capable of welcoming and respecting every individual. Our association and our territory are the starting point because we believe that it is within the fabric of our community that an extraordinary potential resides to create a positive impact and encourage significant social transformation.

The heart of social promotion lies in human relationships based on trust and solidarity. We collaborate with local partners, nonprofit organizations, and institutions to build bridges of communication and collaboration, offering programs and projects aimed at helping people develop their skills, find their sense of purpose, and become agents of change within their own reality.

The project fits into the current territorial reality of Modena and its province, which needs to enhance individual subjects and their peculiarities, expand the sense of community among citizens, and activate local resources that interconnect.

The issues that QB aims to address are related to the inclusion in society and the labor market of young people, adults, and school-aged children with various disabilities or vulnerabilities linked to contexts of cultural, social, and marginalization poverty.

The project’s objective is to offer a path of growth and socialization through activities involving contact with nature and to provide the city with an opportunity to recognize the value of diverse abilities.