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The socio-cultural context in which we are placed presents a territorial reality that requires activating different forces and supports, operating within an interconnected system to strengthen the sense of community and be more effective.

QB is an opportunity to counteract conditions of marginalization and disadvantage in people with disabilities through paths of autonomy and social inclusion, aimed at improving living conditions as well. The project is a tool to increase autonomy, cognitive and communication skills, the ability to manage emotions, and understand social rules.

For young people with social fragility at risk of school dropout and deviance, QB is an opportunity to enrich institutional educational offerings and to open up to the outside world in a protected and educational context, supporting growth and also encouraging the development of curiosity and interests.

Structured over a series of 12 sessions, the project is based on the benefits derived from contact with nature and knowledge of the rural environment. QB operates by starting with the cultivation of raw materials in the fields and their collection, then moving to the kitchen for the actual processing of the products. After creating a menu that follows the seasons and is easy to execute, attention is turned to setting up the dining area: a perfect opportunity to experiment with manual and artistic skills.

QB QuantoBasta is a 12-session program that, benefiting from a favorable territorial context, offers the valuable opportunity to develop learning situations directly within the environment in which they materialize, thus generating great skill-building potential. Starting from the cultivation and harvesting of raw materials, activities unfold in various areas, thus touching on multiple points of effectiveness:

  • in the garden, in the henhouse, and at the mill: visiting, discovering, harvesting, and milling wheat;
  • in the kitchen: creating a menu based on the harvested products;
  • in the workshop: artistic elaboration of the experience;
  • in the video room: video production, photos, interviews as monitoring of the journey and communication content;
  • for the final event: table setup, kitchen organization;
  • during the final event: table service;
  • in a circle: moments of discussion and reflection.

The purpose of QB QuantoBasta is to: promote psycho-affective development, socialization, and improve cognitive and motor skills; increase autonomy, self-esteem, and relational skills of people with disabilities and fragility; build a shared educational path; experience activities that common life does not offer to everyone (contact with nature, taking care of oneself and the environment, socialization), enhancing individual potentials; encourage volunteering; offer the city an opportunity to recognize the value of different abilities.

Our audience

The recipients of the project are young people and young adults with various disabilities; both schooled and unschooled youth from socioeconomically depressed environments and marginalized contexts; individuals, both youth and adults, with psychological vulnerabilities. QB QuantoBasta is also aimed at anyone who wishes to offer their availability and skills to collaborate as volunteers in carrying out activities and thus encourage a process of greater community awareness capable of contributing to the creation of social and professional inclusion.

Our goals

The overall objective of the project is to promote and support processes of social change, contribute to the development of community dynamics where diversities can become opportunities and be expressed through inclusive thinking and action. Another aim of QB QuantoBasta is to connect ideas and experiences starting from both the needs and resources of the territory, to promote inclusive welfare.

Specifically, the purpose of QB QuantoBasta is to offer an opportunity for growth, socialization, and integration of various disabilities to acquire fundamental cognitive, decision-making, pre-employment, and personal autonomy skills in the life project of each individual. Sharing and exchanging within the group also becomes a stimulus and enrichment for everyone, enhances skills, facilitates emotion management, understanding of social rules, and interpersonal relationships. The agricultural context is a privileged place for interaction and knowledge.

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