News. Inclusione e territorio - riflessioni su autismo e contesti di vita

Inclusion and Territory – Reflections on Autism and Living Environments

On Saturday, April 1st, at the Villa Forni Agricultural Farm, on the occasion of Autism Awareness Day, we thought of taking a moment to share some reflections together on the theme and the relationship between inclusion and territory.

Illustrazione Inclusione e territorio - riflessioni su autismo e contesti di vita

Creating aspirations, not expectations.

Consulting the Treccani encyclopedia, under the entry “Inclusion,” one can read the following: “The act, the fact of including, that is, inserting, comprehending in a series, in a whole.” How then can the above definition find a connection with autism, which (from the Greek αὐτός, aütós – self) seems to be the opposite? This answer becomes even more complex when a third element is added, that of life contexts.

How do inclusion and life contexts intersect with autism? What potentialities can there be in the interweaving of these elements? What opportunities are emphasized?

So, here’s what we set out to do: find, in the territorial contexts around us, realities that address the issue of autism with concrete and valuable responses and, through their direct testimonies, propose reflections that can be meaningful for those who listen and for those who experience firsthand the dynamics of the spectrum. An open discussion on the professional and human experiences that are applied daily.

Committing to sharing the life contexts of children and families; aiming to promote the maximum possible autonomy; maximizing the potential of people with autism, whether children or young adults; discovering the resources and capabilities of each individual: each involved reality offers its own tools, its own ways of understanding to engage and dismantle what is often referred to from the outside as the closure of the autism world. For some, this will be about work, for others about sports, and for others still about education.

At this event, they will share their experiences and respective operating methods:

  • Villa Igea which will present the project “The Fifth Season, a story of integration, enablement, and collaboration between organizations. Villa Forni-Villa Igea.” A proposal for an experimental intervention that substitutes for the outpatient setting a natural context, carefully organized and planned in materials and teaching objectives.
  • L’Istituto Charitas ASPwhich will bring attention to the pilot project of a Nutritionist Psychiatrist initiated with the guests of the Charitas Institute: what motivations encourage choosing certain dietary patterns over others? How do the foods we ingest affect our psycho-physical well-being? Dr. Ruggerini and Dr. Caroli will help us understand it better.
  • STARS & COWS which will give voice to the initiative “TECH&SPORT, technology and sports in favor of inclusion”: how do the technological (or hi-tech) world and the sports field come together? CEO Dr. Gubitosa will reflect with us.
  • AUT AUT Modena APS which, through Dr. Lipparini, will present the intervention “Autism in Modena, present and future from the perspective of an Association”: what intervention areas and perspectives emerge from the private sector?
  • Anffas Modena which will deal with “Leisure time and territory.” Dr. Ferri will report on Free Time Activities (ATL project).

  • Cooperativa Intandem which will embody the presentation “The centrality of the person”: Dr. Bompani will guide us in reflecting on how important it is to place the individual at the center because true equality comes from recognizing differences.
  • COOPATTIVA Cooperativa Sociale Onlus which will address “The experience of the diversity manager in the action of employment inclusion for people with disabilities”: Dr. Marsanich will tackle the interesting role of the diversity manager within the working environment.
  • ASD APS I’M Possible which, through Dr. Forni and Dr. Raisi, will discuss “Agriculture and IAA: opportunities for integration and enablement in a natural environment.”

  • Il Tortellante e Progetto PASCIA who will present “The needs of people with autism in the specialized healthcare network and hospitals in Modena. An initial experimentation of human-like Robots for facilitation in diagnostic and therapeutic cardiological pathways. Presentation of video-recorded pathways.” Dr. Erika Coppelli, president of Il Tortellante, and Dr. Maria Grazia Modena of Progetto “Pascia” Policlinico, University of Modena-Reggio will explain more.

And what are your thoughts on this?

Activities and practical experiences

The event, following the debate session, will also be an excellent opportunity to experience outdoor activities and interact with animals. Together, we will discover and try out how carriages, trekking with donkeys, or activities with dogs can be another valuable tool for deepening relationships and establishing profound bonds, contributing to generating an improvement in the overall well-being of individuals.

Inclusione e territorio - riflessioni su autismo e contesti di vita

The schedule of the day

Below is how the day has been organized and what its schedule will be:

  • ore 9:00 Opening of the conference and introduction;
  • ore 9:15 Start of presentations and project introductions;
  • ore 13:15 Lunch break;
  • ore 14:30 Outdoor practical and experiential activities;
  • ore 16:00 Debate and final considerations;
  • ore 16:30 Conclusion of the session.

Lunch, prepared and set up in collaboration with Ristorante Gran Morane, will be on a pay-what-you-can basis. The proceeds will be used to fund I’M Possible projects. For reservations, please email:

We look forward to seeing you at our headquarters, located at Stradello Piradello 106 in Cognento di Modena.


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