News. Ti racconto, dove metti le radici

Where do you put down your roots?

My name is Giorgia. I came across I’M Possible countless times as I passed by, so one day I decided to go in and stay.

My studies and training in the socio-healthcare field, along with my past volunteer experiences, have always driven me to contribute, even in a small way, to doing something for the community.

In my career choice to follow in my father’s footsteps in the environmental landscaping field, there lives within me a small hope of being able to realize “green” projects in the social sphere as well.

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

Nature and animals (especially dogs and horses) have always been my deepest passions. With them, there are no patterns or labels: they will always be grateful, remain loyal, and by your side. Nor is it necessary to follow a logic: when I try to follow a pattern, I often don’t start from the beginning, sometimes I start from the end, then I take some convoluted turns, and go back to the beginning.

First of all, I have to say THANK YOU to horses because in their silence and in their being TRUE and SINCERE, they have always given me a heart that beats a thousand times.

During my experiences of assisting and volunteering in Animal-Assisted Interventions, I have welcomed with open arms children and special students who have evoked in me different emotions, ranging from sweetness and serenity to frustration and sorrow. I have always observed each of their weaknesses with a protective gaze, touched by a note of melancholy.

The particular fondness I have for this environment drives me to “take under my wing” every child I encounter; it’s spontaneous for me to “bring home” each of their issues, even though I am aware that this could be a limitation for me.

Every time I give something and perform a good deed for them, I feel that I am also doing it for myself.

Extremely sensitive, I compare horses to sponges that absorb all the emotions released by those who ride them. The idea I have always had is that they are exceptional therapists, for the positive influence and emotional contagion they have on us: besides providing support, they convey peace, freedom, and often bring forth big, proud smiles!

They take care of the person and the situation without asking for anything in return, they allow freedom of expression, and give unconditional love. They are also important teachers in teaching us to remain, as much as possible, in the present moment of “HERE AND NOW”.

But the fundamental thing is this: horses NEVER judge. Perhaps that’s what I like most about them, it’s what they show me every time. When I’m with them, I sometimes feel carried away by a current: a flow of emotions that come out because I KNOW that with them they can come out, and I find myself happy and then sad, thoughtful and then relaxed. I simply let it flow.

Internally, I feel enriched and fulfilled when I walk down that path from the field to the parking lot because the children have been able to give me their tender and loving attentions, when they reach for my hand and then take it, when they trust and confide in me, when they look at me with those expressive eyes full of wonder. I wish I could gather them all and gather them in one big hug. Every time I feel like a part of me goes with them… and I take flight!

“Give those you love wings to fly, roots to come back, and reasons to stay.”

In life, two things are fundamental: doing the work you love, and if you haven’t had the chance to do so, finding a space where you feel comfortable, where you are YOURSELF; where maybe you spent the whole day working as a baker, but in the evening you come home and you are a writer, a painter, or a sculptor.

May you reflect on where you plant your roots, where you invest your energy, and if you find the courage every day to engage in what you love; may you find your happy corner, which makes you feel fulfilled, and may your wings take root… and your roots fly.


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