News. Ti racconto, Asini Asini

Donkeys, donkeys, donkeys

On June 25th, we set off. We were quite a motley crew, armed with hiking boots, backpacks, tents, and all the necessary gear for outdoor camping, but most importantly, we were accompanied by our donkeys! Yes, because it was the donkeys themselves who helped us carry all the loads, apart from our backpacks, of course.

The donkeys didn’t just carry supplies, but also people. The “troop,” in fact, also included people with disabilities who, thanks to the animals and excellent organization, were able to reach places that would otherwise be difficult to access and were able to equally experience something new and exciting.

We traveled through our Apennines. Our base is in the province of Modena, but that doesn’t stop us from moving around, naturally. The route involved the historic Tassoni Hut refuge, from which the group set off, heading towards the Taburri, on a route that wound through the heart of the woods.


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